Introducing Advanced Formula - BLISTER-PROOF and NO-SLUMP!

Through a molecular technology breakthrough, Perma-Chink Systems created a blister-proof, no-slump chinking that provides superior adhesion and elongation, is heat and age resistant and yet is highly workable for ease of application.

Perma-Chink was the first synthetic chinking produced in 1981. There have been many significant changes made in formulations to improve the adhesion, flexibility, and longevity.

We are proud to announce our new supply of the widest range of dispensing tools in the industry from Albion Engineering Company. Albion is a high quality alternative to the tools typically found in hardware stores and do-it-yourself outlets. Professional tools, built to last.

1. The Albion Bulk Loading Caulking Gun is our most popular tool for applying Perma-Chink or Energy Seal. It is built to meet the demands of serious professionals, utilizing rugged, heavy-duty all steel drives and lightweight aluminum barrels to reliably dispense a wide range of materials.

B12S20PSI Image for Quote web

Available sizes 20 oz. and 30 oz.

  • Professional Quality
  • Efficient 12:1 Drive Ratio
  • Lightweight Aluminum Barrel
  • Double Grip Plates for Long Life
  • No Spanner Wrench Needed!
  • Barrel Rotates for no-stop application
    • Kit includes 3 nozzles, one spare piston and a steel ladder hook-pull
 2. Albion Smooth Rod Manual Drive Guns are Portable, Efficient, and Adaptable.

Heavy duty cradle smooth rod rod caulking guns. Great for professional use where bead consistency, control and clean up save time and money. A simple push of the recoil releases all pressure on the plunger and instantly stops the flow of sealant. To remove the tube, press the lever and pull back on the rod to expose the entire tube and slip it out of the gun.

Smooth Rod Style Caulking Guns for applying Perma-Chink, Energy Seal, Check Mate 2 and Woodsman.

Available in sizes for 11 oz. tubes and 30 oz. tubes

B12PSI Tool web

  • Professional Quality
  • Smooth Rod for reliable dispensing
  • Efficient 12:1 Mechanical Advantage Drive
  • Convenient Thumb-Release for no run-on caulking
    • Full size handle for comfortable dispensing
3. Cordless Guns with a State-of-the-Art Performance, Portability and Control.

How Fast is Fast! A Cordless Gun can dramatically decrease the amount of time on a chinking job.

Available in sizes for 11 oz. tubes and 30 oz. tubes AND 20 oz. bulk

E12S20PSI Image for Quote web

  • Powerful – 400 lbs. of Dispensing Force
  • Fast – Dispense 11 oz. Cartridge in 16 seconds
  • Lightweight Aluminum Barrel
  • Long Lasting – 12 V Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Control – Variable Speed Trigger with Maximum Speed Dial
  • Auto Reverse for No-Drip Dispensing
  • Comfortable rubber over molded handle. Swivel barrel
  • Fast 30-minute recharge. Battery Fuel Gauge
  • Ladder pull hook

New Color Trends

Staining your log or timber home is a humble art and is a critical part of the sense of style and feeling of what the structure creates. Whereas paint simply transforms the color of a surface, leaving no trace of its previous character, stain is typically used to enhance the beautiful grain of wood and generate that back to earth feeling that heavy wood timbers accentuate. Semi-transparent stains from Perma-Chink Systems are designed to let the beauty of the wood shine through and provide increased protection from interior and exterior elements. But what about the colors?

loghomeentryBy Seth Murphy

Home improvements can be expensive, but they can greatly increase your home’s value. When it comes time to decide which improvements to make, there are a few things to consider. Here are some tips on how to improve your home to increase its resale value.

Small improvements can be big!

Did you know that some home improvements only cost a few hundred dollars? Small but noticeable upgrades like repainting your entryway and adding a few nice flowers can really make a difference in how welcoming your home looks, a.k.a. “curb appeal.” Also, the most popular upgrades for dollars spent versus return in increased value are small kitchen and bathroom upgrades. You don’t need a whole redo of those rooms if the appliances are in good condition. Little touches like new lighting fixtures and backsplashes will greatly improve the look with small expenditures of time and money. Installing loose-fill fiberglass insulation in the attic gives the most return for your investment, and it’s not a large expense. Adding energy-efficient windows to replace older, drafty ones can improve both your current energy bills and your future resale value. So go ahead and see what small improvements you can make to have your house be more inviting to buyers.

Large-scale improvements can greatly increase value

If your home furnishings are older and in need of replacement, be sure to look for energy efficiency and universal design. The latter is a relatively new concept that incorporates ability-awareness features into home pieces so that the elderly or those with mobility concerns can use the furnishings easily. Think walk-in showers or lever-style handles rather than knobs. Such features make any room easier to use by all the people in your household, no matter what the condition of their hands or eyesight.

If you are looking at completely redoing your kitchen or bathroom or other rooms in the house, be sure to check around for reputable contractors and design ideas. The more you know going in and the more specific you are with your design plans, the more likely you’ll end up with a remodel that fits into your planned budget. Look online for ideas and local pricing information. For example, HomeAdvisor indicates that the average price to remodel a kitchen ranges from $15,428 to $38,607. Keep in mind that the labor and fixture expenses may vary greatly, as will the timeframe of the project. Comparison shop online to see what new kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, and flooring options cost to help you determine your price range for upgrading those or other rooms in your home.

Another consideration is the outside of your home. If you need a new stain job or new roof or siding for the exterior, that should be done before spending money on interior upgrades. Try to make repairs before upgrades. If something is not working normally or looking good, that will be a tip-off to potential buyers that your home has not been maintained well. So walk through and look at everything like you’re a stranger. What do you see that needs repair? What looks shabby, dirty, or just dark? Start with those areas.

So whether you’re looking at a few cosmetic improvements or major upgrades to your home, you can find all sorts of ideas and price points online to help you decide. Look at the upgrades that will quickly improve energy efficiency or functionality. This will help make your home more appealing to buyers. That, in itself, is worth the money.

How To Prolong the Life of Your Home?

One key for keeping your log home in tip-top condition is to take an hour or so once the weather turns nice to inspect the exterior of your home for signs of potential problems.
 log home inspection
Before we start discussing the inspection process, here are a few tips:
  1. Make a diagram of your home that you can carry with you while you conduct your inspection. It does not have to be fancy, just a simple plan that you can use to note where something needs to be done
  2. If you have a digital camera, take it with you during your inspection. It's amazing how something you see may disappear when you go back to look for it. Use a checklist of things that are relevant to your home. It's easy to forget what to look for by the time you get to the third or fourth wall.
  3. Give your home a wash down with Log Wash before you start your inspection. It's difficult to determine the condition of a finish when it's covered with a layer of winter dirt.
log wash application
log wash rinse 

The Inspection

By Seth Murphy

Homeowners almost always have a list of projects to complete around the house. If interior projects are on your list, don’t let winter slow your progress. The truth is, there are several indoor maintenance projects that are ideal for winter.

How about EuroPlast?

Looking for just the right compliment to enhance the interior walls of your dream home? Consider the ageless appeal of Venetian plaster. For centuries architects, designers, builders, and owners alike have marveled at the splendor of this highly popular form of wall surfacing, and throughout the ages the artisans who were skilled at creating such beauty have been revered and sought after. With today’s advanced technology, you can now have this distinctive elegance and appeal at a fraction of the cost- in as little as two days.

If you live in or near the woods, you probably have a variety of rodents that also occupies your surrounding area. Most rodents like to gnaw on wood and if your log home is accessible to them it may become the target of their gnawing activity. Although field mice occasionally work on the exterior of a home, most of their effort is devoted to finding a warm place to spend the winter. If you seal up all of the potential entrance points, especially around the foundation, you will prevent their taking up residence inside your home. Just remember that they can squeeze through unbelievable small openings so you need to do a thorough job.

During the winter months many homeowners use firewood as a source of heat or create an attractive atmosphere. But along with the firewood comes many types of living pests. Most firewood pests will not harm people or animals, nor will they start infestations of wood within the home.

However, there are a few pests, like Black Widow spiders, that are of concern. Some types of wood boring beetle infestations occasionally begin by emerging from stored firewood. But most pests are harmless, yet annoying, insects like cockroaches, pillbugs, centipedes, ground beetles, and sowbugs that all like to hide over winter beneath bark, or in the cracks of firewood, becoming active within days after the firewood is brought into a warm home.


By Seth Murphy

Owning a home is a big part of the American Dream: a place to call home, where your family grows and thrives. Being a homeowner however, has its fair share of responsibilities and it’s a year round job. As you prepare for winter and ice storms, there are a few must do’s to ensure your family’s peace of mind. Every homeowner is inevitably faced with the possibility of having to hire a professional to do home repairs and maintenance. However, there are plenty of DIY maintenance tips that can keep your house in tip top shape so you can save the most complicated jobs to the professionals.

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