Bulk Loading Guns

Bulk Loading Guns

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Perma-Chink is always looking for better tools for our customers, and we now carry a full line of Albion application tools for our sealants. Proven in the field, the new Albion tools perform better and more reliably than our previous tools. Bulk Loading Guns are used to apply Perma-Chink and Energy Seal from 5 Gallon pails.

Albion-Brand Sizes & Prices

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Bulk Guns use follow plate (see below).

Albion 20oz Bulk Gun Albion 30oz Bulk Gun Albion Follow Plate
$67.00 $76.00 $63.02
20ozbulkloading 30ozbulkloading bulk loading gun
Albion 11oz Ratchet Gun Albion 30oz Ratchet Gun  
$33.00 $41.00  
11ozratchet 30ozratchet  

Battery-Powered Albion Guns Sizes & Prices

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20oz 12V Bulk Gun 11oz 12V Cartridge Gun 30oz 12V Cartridge Gun 12V Li-Io Battery
$260.00 $209.00 $231.00 $89.00 - call to order
20ozcordless 11ozcordless 30ozcordless 12vbattery

**ON SALE** Cox-Brand Sizes & Prices

10% OFF Cox line of application tools! While Supplies Last; call your nearest Perma-Chink store for availability. (Does not include Blaster Buddy)

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Cox 20oz Gun Cox 30oz Gun Bead Buddy
$79.30 $71.37 $86.06 $77.45 $10.00 $9.00
bulk loading gun bulk loading gun bulk loading gun
Yellow Cone End Cap (Cox 20oz) Nozzle Holder
$1.74 $1.57 $14.52 $13.07 $24.54 - call to order
bulk loading gun bulk loading gun bulk loading gun
3/8" Nozzle 1/2" Nozzle 1/4" Nozzle
$1.75 - call to order $1.75 - call to order $1.75 - call to order
bulk loading gun bulk loading gun bulk loading gun


five star Carrie (5/16/2017) - "Thanks Perma-Chink for the advice on our log home supplies, we are happy customers, thank god you are there!"

five star Mike (11/10/2016) - "This is a GREAT tool! It took a little getting used to, but once we got it down, we cruised right across the walls. My wife and a friend on the spatulas and me on the gun got the house done lots quicker than we thought we could."

four star Jeff (7/8/2016) - "A little more of a struggle for me than the gentleman in the video, but seems like an excellent tool. Worked with Perma-Chink great, and love that you can cut the nozzle size to what you want!!"

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