Log Wash

Log Wash

five star

Low pH Wood Cleaner

Log Wash is a liquid concentrate for cleaning log and wood surfaces. It can be used as a maintenance cleaner or to prepare the surface of wood for a new coat of stain or topcoat.

For preparing the surface of bare wood for a new coat of stain, Log Wash removes dirt, grime, pollen, and surface stains without harming the wood or the finish. As opposed to bleach solutions, Log Wash does not upset the natural pH balance of the wood, thus preventing wood fiber damage and iron tannate stains. (To treat gray, UV-exposed wood see Wood Renew).

The exterior of a log home is a settling ground for dust, pollen and other airborne contaminants that dull the surface and encourage mold growth. A light cleaning once or twice a year will keep a home looking beautiful and helps prolong the life of the exterior wood finish.

Made in U.S.A. Made in U.S.A.

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1 Gallon 
log wash


Coverage Rate

Makes 16 gallons of solution @ 1 cup / gallon water

Makes 8 gallons of solution @ 2 cups / gallon water

150-200 sq.ft. / Gallon of diluted Log Wash solution


  • Gently Cleans Bare and Finished Wood
  • Safe for Log Chinking and Sealants
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Removes Dust, Pollen, Dust, Pollution
  • SDS
  • Product Label

Shelf Life

  • 3 Year

Application Temperature

  • 40° to 90°

Application Methods

  • Garden pump sprayer


  • As needed
Special Instructions
  • Apply from bottom-up, rinse from top-down
  • Rinse thoroughly


four star Robert (6/15/2017) - "Our home was dirty from several years of not being cleaned so we tried your Log Wash product which came highly recommended. After washing wit the Log Wash the home regained it's luster and looked brand new!"

five star Mark (4/13/2017) - "We just finished our annual maintenance wash of our home and it's still looking GREAT!!!! It's a really easy process, and between the wife and I we got it done really quickly. Lots of Log Wash left to use, as the concentrate goes a long way."

five star Riley (4/4/2017) - "We were told about the Log Wash product when we had finally decided to use Lifeline Interior Lt Natural and Acrylic Gloss as our finish for our interior log sided walls. We used 1 cup Log Wash solution per 1 gallon of warm water ratio as indicated. I was very impressed with how it removed the dirt, dust, and buildup on the walls. After cleaning and now staining/sealing, our walls look great!!!"

fence bafive star S Purdy in MT (01/17/2017) - "I have used wood renew which really helps to remove the dark grey sun damaged moldy areas on the fence. It works better than you think. It almost melts it off that wood!! I've also used log wash which is like washing your car and gets off all the extra dirt even if you don't see it and leaves you with a good clean base to work with."

five star J Stonecypher in TN (02/15/2016) - "Man that Log Wash is a good product. Also our Lifeline Ultra 7 is fantastic, I can’t believe it’s water based."

five starS Michelman in OR (1/13/15) - "Logwash did such a great job getting my house clean. It's something I keep on hand."

five star Jesse J in CO (1/8/16) – "I attended a Saturday event in Colorado and was so very surprised that my dingy logs were just dirty. I picked up a gallon of the Log Wash and in just an afternoon my home looked like new again! Thanks Perma Chink!!"

five star J Schraeder in WA (08/3/15) – "Your Log Wash is beyond amazing. It has been a longtime since a product exceeded my expectations. It had been years since my home was cleaned and after Log Wash looks like new!"

five star J Thorsness in AK (05/18/15) – "Applied to 18 year old spruce logs with a medium stiff scrub brush and worked up a good lather. Let sit for a few minutes then rinsed with a rag and copious water. Remarkable result! Just as advertised. I look forward to putting on a new coat of stain. They'll look like new!"

five star M Gelfer in UT (04/2/15) – "Log Wash did such a great job getting my house clean. I use it all the time."

five star J Jesse in CO (03/29/15) – "I attended a Saturday event in Colorado and was so very surprised that my dingy logs were just dirty. I picked up a gallon of the Log Wash and in just an afternoon my home looked like new again! Thanks Perma Chink!!"

five star M Silverthorne in CO (03/23/15) – "I have a log home in Colorado that I inherited a while back. The home had sat for years and I was concerned about the dingy discoloration on the home and felt quite discouraged about how the home looked. I heard from a friend about Log Wash. I purchased some and used it on this home and was so pleased at the results after using this product, all I can say is it worked a “MIRACLE”, THANKS Perma-Chink for making such an awesome product."

four star J Goulet in CA (03/05/15) – "I recently placed an order on-line for some Log Wash to clean the exterior walls of my log cabin. I was pleasantly surprised that they offer specials every month on the web. I will be keeping an eye out for the coupon deals… need more stain in the future."

five star J Pike in MN (11/05/14) – "The first time I used log wash to clean my logs before staining my new home I thought it was a waste of time, but I decided to follow Perma-Chink’s instructions to the letter so I washed the logs. At first I just did a few logs with water and almost nothing was coming off as I expected because I felt the logs were clean. Then I washed the same logs with Log Wash to compare. I couldn’t believe the difference! The Log Wash removed dirt that I didn’t realize was there. I am now a believer and I religiously wash my home with Log Wash in the Spring and Fall. Thank you Perma-Chink!"

five star K Wright in IL (04/26/2014) - "What an impressive cleaner Log Wash is! We originally used it as a prep cleaner for our log home on both the exterior as well as the interior right after it was constructed. We have since used it several times as a maintenance cleaner and the house still looks great!"

five star R Yetton in VT (04/05/2012) - "We bought one gallon originally to maintain the beauty of our home and we’re still using it every year. It’s so easy to work with just spray on and rinse off with our garden hose and we’re looking like new again!!"

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